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Systems (CCTV)

Survey, design, Supply, Implement and commission. 

The need for remediation, upgrading or modification is key element for the CCTV business, we do offer the best practices to insure the quality work in optimizing the CCTV systems, that include but not limited to: scalability and flexibility to increase the number of cameras needed, replace older model with newer higher resolution wider angels and PTZ type of cameras, adding more storage in order to allow a longer recording duration.

Having a certified engineering on the most very well-known vendor is our strength point, we are have engineers who are export on DVR and NVR IP based systems include programing and configuration, they do over 10 years’ experience complication large project for both homes and businesses.

The best advantage you get by doing business with Smart Electronics, and the support models we have to fit your budgets and needs, we are locally located, with a response time that not exceeding few hrs. with a guarantee solutions or work  around that complete the same day in most of the time. 

Remediaction and Optimization


Making a quick estimate about the number of Cameras and location is NOT what we call it a design, an intensive study and gathering info like targeted area, light source, doors and windows the need for PTZ type of cameras and the resolution required,, is what do in order to make a design that would grantee a perfect cameras systems, perfect coverage and best performance. 

Perform a site visits and determine the best CCTV technology to use at that location is most important task for us. the types can be either CCTV DVR based analog cameras, or it could be an IP based security cameras that is either standalone of with an NVR, also we are offering the software management suite that allow to view multiple cameras from different DVR on one screen.

Immplimentation & Configration