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Integration is the key for any successful project and when it comes to Wi-Fi there is nothing better than getting all elements works together, from authentication services to the POS, digital signage, monitoring software, billing system, hospitality solution, building management system, security,,, etc., we know it all we have the knowledge and the expertise to get it done the right way. 

Perform a site visits and completed the imports of the floor plans, then start the survey to capture the Wi-Fi RF coverage maps that include (Signal Strength, Noise level, SNR and Interference). This will include all need information about coverage gaps and co-channeling interference and help locate the source location and 2.4 GHz/ 5Ghz band foot prints. SSIDs and many other.


We do understand when things does work the way it should , we are here to help, it does not matter if it is a network, device, driver, software, authentication, RF or cabling issue we can fix it all, with all needed tools and knowledge we can makes macules solving your wireless issues as fast as few hrs.

We do it all, Indoor, outdoor, Mesh, Point to Point, Point to Multi Point, if you have the need we have the solution and we will grantee it to work, we have done all those types of implementations with a lot of solution to fit the exact customer needs.


Support and Operation

We've felt that pain — spotty connections, slow speeds, roaming issues, and interference. That's why we it important to troubleshooting WiFi RF issues. Gathers information about ALL RF signals in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, not just WiFi traffic. Takes all the raw RF signal information and combines it with the standard information from your WiFi radio to create a complete picture of your wireless environment, giving you the information you need to proactively manage your WiFi networks.

Having a certified engineering on the most very well-known vendor is our strength point, we are have engineers who are export on controllers and RF configuration and engineering, they do over 10 years’ experience complication large project for 100 fortune companies all over the world.

Site Survey

Remediation and Optimization

The best advantage you get by doing business with Smart Electronics, and the support models we have to fit your budgets and needs, we are locally located, with a response time that not exceeding few hrs., with a guarantee solutions or work  around that complete the same day in most of the time. 

RF spectrum analysis

In the Wi-Fi world there is a continuing need to upgrade to newer technology. Higher Speeds, New form factors and AP configuration. This is what we can help you with, staying current with all the cutting edge technologies for all of your wireless needs from Access Points, Controllers, and OS Upgrades   

Making a quick estimate about the number of access points and location is NOT what we call it a design , an intensive study and gathering info like signal penetration and noise level and the band used , is what do in order to make a design that would grantee a perfect wireless network, perfect coverage and best performance. 


In that type of service we do all types of work concerning cabling installing mounting and termination with all supported item , that include but not limited to mounting brackets to the co-axial cabling, fiber optic, to antenna alignments and paints. Weather proofing.

Wireless Solutions

Survey, design, Supply, Implement and commission. 



Configuration & Engineering